Mary Kevin Wald

Executive Director

Mary comes to the Roland Park Community Center with extensive background in starting, working with and directing nonprofits. Her background also includes event planning and weddings.

Please contact her to discuss the important work and mission of the Roland Park Community Center.


Jason Buckwalter

Building Administrator, Artist-in-Residence

As building administrator, Jason schedules all events that happen at the Roland Park Community Center.

As Artist-in-Residence, Jason will provide voice lessons at the Center and coordinate all musical performances that take place there. 

Click below to schedule a meeting, a tour, or a voice lesson.


Our Mission: "To enrich our community by providing a facility for the arts, education, recreation, multi-faith exploration, and celebration for personal and collective growth."

The Roland Park Community Center (RPCC) was birthed from the love of the First Christian Church (FCC) for the surrounding communities and Baltimore City. The programs and organizations that utilize our beautiful facilities are caring and heart centered. We are here to carry forth the legacy of the FCC which is one of Service, Hope and Love!
You might know the building as your election-day polling place. Or perhaps you are already a congregant, or participant in one our organizations including Daybreak Group, Baltimore Musicales and The Children’s Village. 
Roland Park Community Center (RPCC) plans to enhance the use of our building and grounds at 5802 Roland Avenue in order to
• Meet neighbors and have fun
• Continue our successful job hunters program
• Host speakers & programs targeting city concerns
• Offer spaces for meetings, parties, weddings, and/or educational programs. 
We are just getting started with the possibilities - please come see our amazing space and help us grow to meet the needs of our vibrant city!


Mary Kevin Wald, Executive Director

Jason Buckwalter, Building Administrator, Artist-in-Residence

Joseph Haeffner, Accountant


Ellen Hoadley, President

Angela Taylor, Secretary

Janet Glover-Kerkvliet, Treasurer

Christine Armor, Dennis Howell, Jay Smith, Mona L. Smith, Lee Stierhoff

Next Board Meeting:  October 22, 2019, 7pm